CoD: Black Ops 2...Starring Barack Obama?

Well, this is interesting.  It seems Frank Woods, one of the devs of the original Call of Duty: Black Ops, has been spilling the beans regarding all sorts of details concerning what content will be packed into Black Ops 2.  Amongst the many tidbits is a reference to the Commander-in-Chief himself, Barack Obama:

U.S.S. Barack Obama – An aircraft carrier.

Clearly, in the near future world of Black Ops 2, the current president will have an aircraft carrier named after him.  Interesting, that, seeing how Obama might preside over the most damaging defense cuts in US history due to Obama's inability to balance the budget during his four years in office.

I will say that I am a bit disappointed that Obama won't actually be more of a part of BlOp2.  I mean, I would love to have a mission where the player needs to quadruple the US deficit in three years!  I wonder what type of kill streak that would earn you? I also wish VP Biden would make an appearance, too.  Maybe a double kill could earn the player an audio clip of him saying "this is a big F*#@ deal!"?  That would be neat. 

I wonder if Obama & Biden play Call of Duty?  I bet Biden is the guy who always blows himself up with a grenade.  Obama probably brags about how great he is and then gets pwned in every game.  Of course, he then proceeds to blame lag, the game, Microsoft (or Sony if it is a PS3), hackers, and a faulty controller for his poor performance.  Eventually he just rage quits.  Basically the same way he handles himself as president.


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