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Gamer's Movie Review: Pacific Rim

[Sorry that I haven't written in a long while: you can blame the pitiful state of gaming for that.  But I will have additional thoughts on that in a follow-up blog entry.  In the meantime, enjoy this quick rental review of Pacific Rim!]

It was love at first sight.  This is the best summation of my reaction to finally getting a chance to see Guillermo del Toro's new sci-fi tent pole production, Pacific Rim.  Pure, unadulterated love.

You see, for me cinematic science fiction has definitely been heading in the wrong direction these last few decades.  As someone who grew up reading (and loving!) the great science fiction masters of yesteryear - authors such as Asimov, Bradbury, Hubbard, Saberhagan, and so many more - I have developed a distinctive taste for science fiction that doesn't just ask the great science fiction motivator question of "what if...?", but also provides a smart yet thrillingly imaginative answer to that question.  I admit that is a tall order t…