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My Five Favorite Conservative Games

While going through my Rook's Bailey blog entries, I rediscovered an entry that listed my five favorite conservative games from 2008.  For the most part, I still stand by these nominations (one has changed... read the article to see why).  What do you think?  What are some of your favorite games that you would consider to be "conservative gaming"?


There has been a lot said about the manifest left-wing lunacy of Hollywood, but it has always struck me as very interesting that another portion of modern entertainment media, indeed, a portion that is beginning to eclipse Hollyweird itself, is largely free of preachy left-wing nonsense [starting to change in 2010! - ST]. No, I’m not referring to television; I’m speaking about gaming. Why is it that the average game is actually quite conservative in its outlook? Perhaps it’s because liberalism is just incompatible with the highly-competitive world of gaming (after all, how do you make a game where no one is allowe…