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Chapter 2: The Soviet Right Hook

Chapter 2: The Soviet Right Hook As we detailed in the previous chapter ("Red July"), STAVKA had conceived of the assault on the Fulda Gap not as their central effort but as a grand diversion to draw NATO forces away from other sectors of the West German front.  As expected, NATO, long expecting Fulda to be central to a Warsaw Pact onslaught, took the bait and committed the bulk of its ground forces to holding off the fierce Soviet offensive. STAVKA waited three full days to ensure that NATO forces were fully engaged before committing their strategic reserve to opening a new front to the north of Fulda.  Known as "Operation Gold Pluto," this daring Soviet plan would put NATO in a perilous position.

Historical Redux

If this sounds a bit familiar, it should: Operation Gold Pluto was based on the plan used by Germany during World War II.  As with the Wehrmacht's Operation Watch on the Rhine, which kicked off the so-called Battle of the Bulge, Operation Gold Pluto …

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