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The Real Bigotry in Gaming

Lately, I've been seeing a bunch of articles complaining about bigotry in gaming.  Articles about racism, gender discrimination and even about homophobia (literally: 'fear of man' - see how incoherent these modernist labels can be?) in games.  Now, for the most part, these complaints all came from the usual suspects: individuals who often come from the left wing of the political spectrum and are obsessed with a vision of a Utopia where radical egalitarianism reigns supreme.  When Mark Levin summarized the Big Government Statist in Ameritopia, I think he also hit upon the essential characteristics of  this personality type - a not surprising coincidence since most radical egalitarians are usually Statists, too:
"It is observed that the Statist is dissatisfied with the condition of his own existence....He is angry, resentful, petulant, and jealous....The Statist searches for significance and even glory in a utopian fiction of his minds making, the earthly attainment of …

It All Goes to Hell When Hillary Shows Up

[Warning: Some minor spoilers follow]
I should have known that when Hillary Clinton showed up in Black Ops 2, the game's interesting campaign was going to go straight to hell.  Oh, she didn't star as herself - which is strange considering how this game did not shy from including other real people in its cast - but as "President Bosworth".  Nevertheless, as with Oliver North, the similarity of appearance was unmistakable.   Sure, she wasn't running around hiding the Rose Law Firm records, nor did she scream "what difference at this point does it make!" when the bodies started piling up due to the global terrorism unleashed by Raul Menendez, but the bug eyes sort of gave the game away (as well as her apparent affinity for the ChiComs...I, for one, found it strange that "President Bosworth's" first call after the attacks went to the Chinese premier.  Hmm.  Old habits die hard, I suppose). 
Be that as it may, it was shortly after "Preside…

Quick Review: Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40K Movie

It's not easy being a gamer.   Here we are, participating in one of the most lucrative entertainment genres known to man, yet our beloved hobby is still largely ignored - or even ridiculed - by the majority of the Old Media, particularly television and Hollywood.  Simply, good game movies/shows are incredibly scarce despite the fact that many gaming franchises come with a millions strong fanbase that stretches across national boundaries.  Case in point: Warhammer 40K.
 If you don't know, Warhammer 40K is a science fiction universe set in the far distant future, specifically, the 41st Millennium.  Unlike the sunshine and lollipops sci-fi futures of Star Trek and Star Wars,  Warhammer 40K's future is unremittingly grim, as attested by this standard preamble to every 40K book (and there are many of those, including some New Zork Times bestsellers...praise the Emperor!):
"It is the 41st Millennium. For more than a hundred centuries the Emperor of Mankind has sat immobil…