Sunday, September 21, 2014

Gamer's Review: Hellsing Ultimate

Is it too early to start queuing up some entertainment for Halloween?  Just a bit.  Regardless, I find myself doing just that.  Part of the reason is that summer for my region never really arrived.  Instead of the requisite heat and humidity, we were treated to largely cool, dry days.  Really, it has felt like little more than an extended late spring or early autumn.  As a result I have found myself yearning to get autumn underway as there isn't any point of continuing this useless summer.  This is why I have been looking forward to Halloween: it is THE holiday of autumn!

But in addition to that, two games have recently awakened in me a love for the horror of "urban fantasy":  Shadowrun Returns, and The Secret World.  As I detailed here, those two games have hit a home run with me, and made me reconsider the whole horror genre - a genre I never particularly cared for seeing the low budget "torture porn" tripe coming out of Hollywood these days.   And that is pretty much how I arrived at giving this anime a viewing.

Now, as I explained here, I am not a fan of anime.  Nothing personal, it just rarely clicks with me.  While I admire the medium's imagination, I often find the execution lacking.  This is why I have only found two anime series that really 'wowed' me:  Girls und Panzer, and the superlative sci-fi Cowboy Bebop.  That is it.

Well...until now.