Poll Results / New Poll: Who Will Win the White House?

Still trying to get caught up with this blog after a trying month and a half....

One bit of old business concerns the results of the last poll I conducted.  If you recall, the question was:

If Mitt Romney was a character from a video game, which character would he be?

The people have spoken!  The winner, with 66% of the vote, is....

Belethor, from Skyrim!

Good choice, good choice.  Romney is, first and foremost, a businessman (i.e., "evil capitalist" in Obama-speak), so the Belethor connection is a solid one.  I will say that Belethor has more personality than Romney, though.

Interestingly, 33% of respondents felt that Gordon Freeman of Half-life fame bore a resemblance to Mitt.  Never considered that choice seriously before, but with a bit of painting I can now see a physical resemblance:

OMG! They look alike...they are both smart...I think we have the political scoop of the year!  Romney and Freeman are long lost brothers who must have been separated at birth!  

Good call, anonymous respondents!  This makes as much good sense as the previous poll where Arturus Mengst,of Starcraft fame, was chosen as Obama's gaming alter-ego [ouch!].

Nicely done!

Now it is time for another poll.  Let's cut to the chase here: 

Who do you think is going to win the presidency?

  • Mitt Romney
  • Barack Obama

You can find the poll at the bottom of my blog.  Looking forward to see who you think it is going to be!

[My prediction:  Mitt Romney, and by a landslide.  To paraphrase the wisdom of the warrior queen of conservative politics, Ms. Ann Coulter:

After a few terms, the American people, tired of the mistakes of a Republican president, often leap to the other side of the aisle, forgetting just how much worse things were the last time they elected a Democrat to the White House.  Of course, once they are reminded of that sad fact by having a "blue state" president in the Oval Office for a few years, they are quick to correct their mistake in the following election.

You can expect the same in 2012.]  


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