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Of Fools and Fools

I missed so much over the past month.  Sorry about that.  However, I did come across two things that have been stuck in my craw and I just need to address.  First, this guy:

Yeah...Glenn Beck.  I have a love/hate relationship with this guy.  On the good side, Beck did yeoman work on his (alas, appropriately) short-lived show by bringing the wisdom of the Founding Fathers to life like no one has on television in a long, long time.  On the bad side, Beck fell victim to Bill O'Reilly-itis (the demagogue O'Reilly being his mentor at FOX News, of course) and quickly developed such a huge ego that he brashly took credit for everything good that occurred in this nation's political life since the start of his television show, including the rise of the Tea Party, the rejection of Obama, and the re-discovery of America's brilliant founding principles.

Nonetheless, I still feel compelled to defend Beck for no other reason that the Left hates him so (so he still must be good for something).  This is why I was prepared to call out Kotaku when they ran the following story:

Murdered EVE Online Player Was a CIA Agent, According to the Infinite Wisdom of Glenn Beck

In this article, Beck is quoted as saying the following:

He goes online. To the gaming community. And he goes online to a gaming website and says 'people are surrounding us, and taking pictures of the building, we're in a safehouse in Benghazi, I hope we get out alive'. Now do you really believe this guy - a Navy Seal - suddenly has the urge to do some online gaming when people are watching the house and they're in trouble?


C.I.A. Message? Get us out of here.

Now, to be fair to Beck, this quote is not seen in the free to watch teaser (here).   So I have to take the word of Kotaku.  However, Beck's statement would seem to be in keeping with his oft-expressed disdain for gaming, as can be seen here:

Apparently, Beck hasn't changed his opinion.  From his point of view, no self respecting adult would be playing video games, let alone communicating with the surrounding community (sadly, Beck echos the attitude of the majority Baby Boomers in this regard)!  No sir!  So if a dead patriot like Sean Smith was doing so, well, there must be an alternative explanation, no matter how much that explanation violates Occam's Razor.  With that being the operative assumption, a patriot who likes to play video games (btw: notice how Beck studiously avoids mentioning the name of the game, now known as Eve Online?) and chat with his online buddies must really be a secret CIA operative sending out code.  Viola!   

Sheesh, Glenn.  Really?  See, this is why you are no longer on national TV.


In related news, the friends of Sean 'Vile Rat' Smith held a tribute to his (online) memory in Eve Online a few weeks ago:

So Kotaku gets credit for this one, even if they make the strange statement that:

He's bringing it up to accuse Smith and his colleagues of either working with the CIA or of being CIA agents....

 "Accuse"?  Like a criminal?  Hmm.  Interesting mindset.

Time to move on to another foolish soul (perhaps 'politically naive' is more accurate)....   

This time, it is Rock Paper Shotgun's Alec Meer (sigh...again).  In his solid review of the much anticipated XCOM: Enemy Unknown, he makes the following statement:

This must be what an ideologically entrenched politician like Mitt Romney feels like when he tries to find words that will somehow appeal to two groups of people with fundamentally different attitudes towards society.

Now, people who have been following this blog over the last month or so probably realize that I am not the biggest Romney fan in the world.  Sure, he is light years better than his ideologically entrenched and incompetent opponent Barack Obama, but he is definitely not "ideologically entrenched".   In fact, one of the reasons why Romney had such a tough fight in the primary was precisely because those "ideologically entrenched" conservatives didn't trust him...and rightly so.  In fact, even Prez Obama recently recognized this fact during the debate when he said " "For 18 months he's been running on this tax plan, and now, five weeks before the election, he's saying that his big, bold idea is 'never mind.' "

So...did Meer miss this memo on Romney?  Maybe.  One thing is for sure, though:  Meer most definitely missed the memo on Barack Obama.  Talk about "ideologically entrenched":  

  • Barack Obama kicked off his senatorial campaign in the home of leftist domestic terrorist Bill Ayers
  • Obama is a huge fan of Machiavellian Leftist Saul Alinsky, so much so that according to Breitbart research, as an "Illinois State Senator in 1998, Barack Obama’s name appears on a poster for the play that praised the life of radical Saul Alinsky. Obama appeard [sic] on stage after the play as part of a discussion panel on the life and work of Alinsky."
  •  Barack Obama's mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was a card carrying member of the Communist Party USA.
  • Barack Obama's chief campaign adviser, David Axelrod, comes from a long line of Marxist associations.
  • Anita Dunn, Obama's former Communications Director, once said her two "favorite political philosophers" were Bl. Mother Teresa and Mao (notice the implied Marxist idea that theology is just another form of politics?)
  • Barack Obama himself wrote that while in college, he sought out Marxist professors.
  • In addition to these and many other associations with Marxist/Leftists of various stripes, Obama himself has championed such Leftist policies as 'government bailouts' for big banks and automobile companies (a form of fascism); a take-over of 1/6 of the US economy by the government (socialist Obamacare); Marxist command economics (the $800 billion dollar stimulus bill); a Marxist fixation on wealth confiscation....

...And I could go on and on and on!   Barack Obama is literally a walking embodiment of "entrenched ideology", not to mention having his own form of "double think" hypocrisy.  So why can't an intelligent guy like Meer see it?  Well, because I suspect Meer has fallen into the cult of personality that often forms around such radicals.  Simply, he can no longer distinquish reality from Team Obama's fabricated illusion.  In this regard, I am reminded of  the political slogan from George Orwell's 1984:

War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength 

Does this not well explain how Obama supporters are so willfully blind to what is right in front of their noses?

I will just add one more quote in closing, this time from Star Wars:

"Who is more foolish?  The fool, or the fool who follows the fool?"

Get the memo, fellas.


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