Socialism and Racial Bean Counting

Wow!  Been a while since I last posted.  That's what happens in the world of gaming - you run hot, you run cold.  After my hot spell with Eugen's Wargame: AirLand Battle, the chill definitely set in with me.  Not entirely though, as I have been having a lot of fun play Paradox's two masterpieces: Crusader Kings II and Europa Universalis IV.  EU IV was a recent gift, and I have to say I have enjoyed my first foray into the world of renaissance politics since installing the game.  Not as much as CK2, mind you, but that is largely due to the fact that I just prefer the medieval era to that of later periods, albeit, I have been having a lot of fun colonizing the New World!  Someday I need to get around to doing an EU IV AAR.

(I also need to find time to tell you about my current crop of nobles in CK2: of Duke Lucido and his tendencies to get the women in his life killed, or his son, Duke Vimara, whom methodically eliminated the participants of a rebellion against his authority...over a period of decades.  Yes, he can hold a grudge....)

So, yeah.  Not much going on in the world of gaming while we await TitanFall and Watch_Dogs to drop in March.

I did, however, stumble across this interesting graphic from Sony, posted by Return to Order.  It shows the high price Brazil's socialist policies literally extracts from gamers:

Return to Order remarks:

An example of socialism in other countries.

This is a picture released on Sony's website analyzing the cost of the Play Station 4 in Brazil. Here in the US it costs $400 but in Brazil it will cost $1,850 US dollars. Why? Because %63 of that goes to their government. This is one of the many problems of socialism and why we as Americans must reject it.

Exactly.  As I have attempted to show on this blog over the last two years or so, politics is not a game (albeit, games might involve politics!), and the results of elections have consequences, even for gamers.  Seeing the graphic above makes me weep for my fellower gamers in Brazil.  Ask yourself this: has the socialist policies of Brazil liberated the Brazilian gamer?  Or has it reduced his entertainment choices?  Would you be happy being a gamer in such a country as Brazil, or would you rather run (screaming) to another nation with freer economic policies, such as the United States?

Socialism is not a game (nor economic fascism, which is often mistaken for socialism, but more on that another time).  It is not cool.  It is not liberating.  It is tyranny.  And, yes, it even hurts gamers.

But what you expect from a political theory devised by a man who, in all likelihood, was seriously deranged?

Moving on....

I was really bored tonight, so I decided to see what the tinfoil hat club was up to over at Rock, Paper, Gloria Steinem.  Sure enough, it only took a few minutes before I stumbled across this gem of leftist egalitarianism.  In an article entitled Microsoft Has A New Boss, Tragically Not Called Mike O’Soft, the following statement concerning the MS' new boss, Satya Nadella, really gave me a belly laugh...but for the wrong reasons:  RPGS opines:

Who knows? But change for a company that, outside of its consoles, has been facing an uphill battle for home computing relevancy of late, is in principle a good thing. And hey, who’da thunk it: he only scores two out of three in Middle-Aged White Guy CEO bingo. Progress of a sort!

I love leftist racial bean counters.  Their ability to reduce human beings to a mere quantification of race, gender, and who-knows-what-next is really heartwarming.  I mean, prior to reading this paragraph, I just saw a really accomplished individual!  But now I know was wrong! Nadella is much more than that!  He is actually only notable for his lack of being a "white guy"! Progress indeed!

Hmm...I wonder how "progressive" Rock, Paper, Gloria Steinem is?  Surely I will find a lot of diversity in their ranks, right?  Let's take a look:

First, we have Jim Rossignol:

Hmm...he looks like a "white guy" to me.

Surely, Alec Meer must be an Polynesian woman!


But...but...surely John Walker will bring some diversity to RPGS!

Very "white".  Very "guy".

I am starting to get a bit disillusioned here....

Adam Smith:

Another "white guy!"  How could this be?!?

It's all riding on Nathan Grayson!  Surely he will prove to a trans-gendered Native American!  And the roll is....

No good!  Just another "white guy"!

How could this be?!?  Is there no "progress" at RPGS?!? 

I am very disappointed to learn that RPGS doesn't practice what it preaches.

How shocking....


  1. I really love CKII, at some point I am going pick up EUIV, maybe during the next big sale.

    I am not well informed about politics these days, but it seems to me going from capitalist government to socialist is a step backwards, at least for we the people.


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