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Slapping Hillary: The Game

As a dedicated gamer, you probably hate it when cheap Flash games make the headlines.  I know I do.  Don't journalists realize that Flash games are the gaming equivalent of restroom graffiti?  Regardless, I figured I might as well cover this bit of news since it is in the purview of my blog.

It seems the militant feminist Left have their panties in a bunch (but no word from Rock, Paper, Gloria Steinem yet) because an anti-Hillary Clinton for President PAC has taken a page from the Left's playbook and used it against them.  You see, back in 2008 a Left-wing hate site launched a Flash game called Slap Sarah Palin where you do just that: slap around the the former VP candidate, complete with an anguished scream, for giggles.  Aren't Leftists so high brow in their humor?  As if that wasn't enough, this site even includes a bonus for players who quickly tire of their juvenile humor:  at the bottom of the website you can take a gander at a X-rated picture that shows a photoshopped John McCain and Sarah Palin having graphic sex (this is why I haven't linked to the site - but it is still online if you want to double check what I am writing here.  Just Google it).  Clearly, this site is all about classy, pro-women stuff!

Well, what is good for the goose is good for the gander as they say, so The Hillary Project, a PAC that describes itself as willing to "wage a war on Hillary’s image through public education about her past and what her previous actions say about her future plans for our country," has now launched a similar game called Slap Hillary where, after clicking on a button to hear some of the bizarre things she has said over the years, you can also hit a "slap Hillary" button as a sort of "you're such an idiot" cathartic response.  The whole thing is very cartoonish, which is fitting as the site also hosts the Dancing Hillary and Obama vs. Hillary Street Fight games that are likewise silly (the latter is actually pretty entertaining, though!  LOL!).  Fortunately, no Hillary Clinton porn is visible here, though.  Phew!  Dodged that bullet....

Not surprisingly, the thin-skinned Leftists are suddenly outraged that their harridan is being ridiculed in a fashion similar to the way Palin was back in 2008.  CBS News has covered the outrage on the Left, including the following quote from perpetually aggrieved feminist Jess McIntosh:

"This ridiculous behavior is why no amount of 're-branding' is going to help Republicans win over women voters -- they just don't get it," EMILY's List Communications Director Jess McIntosh said in a statement. "Violence against women isn't a 'game.' Slapping a woman for speaking isn't actually a joke. It's just gross."

Like EMILY's List, another organization for gender equality, Ultra Violet, has called on House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio; Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.; and Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus to speak out against "Slap Hillary." 

There's no comment from those leaders, however, The Hillary Project is an independent group, not affiliated with Boehner, McConnell or the RNC. The super PAC touts itself as "nonpartisan."

To her credit, CNN's Athena Jones dug into this story a bit further and and reported how The Hillary Project pointed out that these same groups had nothing to say about the more vulgar Slap Sarah Palin site, and how jokes about Hillary have been around for quite a while, so this is not unexpected when it comes to such a contentious figure as "Pants" (as I hear her most adoring fans call her).  Some good perspective there.

As you probably already figured out, this whole story is really much ado about nothing - just Leftist hypocrites trying to make political hay out of the same thing they turned a blind eye to back in 2008.  Truth be told, I think the Hillary Project would have been better off using the Georgia Institute of Technology and UC Santa Cruz's Game-O-Matic to make a game about, say, Bob "Filthy" Filner's inability to stop sexually harassing just about every woman he meets.  Heck, I went ahead a did it for them:

Of course, this is just a rough draft.  If I was them, I would add quotes from Hillary running in the background, particularly the ones concerning her husband's serial adultery....That might be more affective than copying a kooky game from a Leftist hate site.

For me, the real story here is how the American Left  treats women as little more than expendable pawns on their political chessboard.  David "I can't keep my adulterous hands off  my female co-workers" Letterman, and Bill "Misogynist" Maher are often considered shining icons of entertainment, with Left-wing political big-shots lining up to get on their shows.  What is more, the revelations of sexual harassment/adultery by Democrat politicians continue to mount across the country.  In addition to the aforementioned Bob "Filthy" Filner and Bill "Kiss it" Clinton scandals, you have such gems as: NY Assemblyman Micah Z. Kellner sexual harassment claims,  NY Assemblyman Vito Lopez sexual harassment claims (and the subsequent alleged cover-up by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver), Congressman Anthony Weiner's "sexting" scandals, NY Governor Eliot "Client No. 9" Spitzer's prostitution scandal, former presidential candidate John Edwards affair behind the back of his dying wife, and need I go all the way back to Senator Kennedy and Chappaquiddick? Truth is, the Democrat Party has a long history of abusive relationships and attempted cover-ups as this BRIEF list shows (that's just off the top of my head!).

Michelle Malkin, on FOX News today, has provided an excellent summation of the vast hypocrisy of the American Left and its enabling of a real war on women:

A bit surprisingly (because these guys and gals are usually slow off the mark), the RNC has also figured this out.  ABC News has now reported that:

The Republican National Committee said on Monday that the game is “in poor taste,” after a Democratic group released a petition calling on the RNC to condemn it.

“Clearly any game encouraging people to slap anyone is in poor taste. It was when the Democrats used Sarah Palin as the target and it is now with Hillary Clinton,” RNC spokeswoman Kirstan Kukowski told ABC News, adding a few digs at Democrats. “From Bob Filner to Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer, Democrats should look at their own actions, candidates and elected officials before pointing fingers.”

Shouldn't the headline have read "GOP condemns Democrat Hypocrisy on Slap Hillary Game"?  Seems more accurate to me, but I suppose that wouldn't promote the mock outrage as well.  Regardless, I am gratified to see that even the dense RNC realizes what a joke such outrage is coming from the party that has often coddled serial sexual harassers and perverts.

Now, returning briefly to the original story - the Slap Hillary Flash game - I will call out the Hillary Project for an unnecessary attack on gaming.  In a press release concerning the hosting of the Slap Hillary game,  The Hillary Project pointed out that after seeing Hillary stand with the makers of violent video games in the past, they are unwilling to pull pull their silly game from the site (sorry, I cannot find the exact quote from their press release).  Truth is, I recall Pants going on her own anti-video game crusade a number of years back:

Remember this, gamers?  Well, don't forget it.  Hillary is no friend of gaming.

They are right not to give in to such outrageous and hypocritical attacks.  But please, in your enthusiasm to stop a very shady character like Hillary Clinton from obtaining high office, don't throw video gamers to the wolves!  I really don't understand why conservatives are so willing to surrender the video game cultural high ground to the Left, just like they surrendered both academia and cinema.  Now here we are, decades later, and two powerful means of mass communication have been successfully infested and used adroitly by the statists to pummel us almost into oblivion.

You attack video games at your own risk, conservatives....  


  1. I updated the graphics for my Filthy Bob Filner game! LOL!


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